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 Care Farm

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The Den Branderhorst Care Farm

Den Branderhorst is a traditional, small-scale farm hidden from view by nature at about 250 metres away from the public road.

Our small care farm is open for everyone from 4 years old who’s looking to spend some time on the farm, as long as they fit in well with the group. These activities are also very suitable for elderly people. We work with small groups, with a maximum of five people.


Tailored for you

Activity days are:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Times can be discussed. Give us a call and sit down with us without binding yourself. You can also take a look around the farm!

Authentic Farm

 You will reach our farm after following a small winding way. The farm is hidden from the rest of the world by greenery, close to the cosy town Hengelo in the Achterhoek region. The farm has been in use as a mixed company where our family has lived and worked for over 5 generations.


 Every person needs some regularity, and the activities at are care farm follow a fixed pattern while still being diverse. Each season also brings its own different set of activities.

Cows Finally Getting Outside Again on the Den Branderhorst Farm

Guidance plan


We think it’s important that there’s a connection between us and the participants on our farm. We oversee everything ourselves due to the small scale of our dairy farm and camping. We also adapt the activities to suit the interests of the participants.


Financing is done through the PGB and guidance is organised in collaboration with Zozijn. There is a maximum of five participants. Everything is done in discussion with parents and/or supervisors.



Boerderij Den branderhorst

Steenderenseweg 17a, Hengelo gld. 
Telefoonnummer: 06-123 751 65

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