Cow cuddling

Cow cuddling

Cow cuddling at the Den Branderhorst farm in Hengelo, Gelderland.

Are you stressed out or are you looking for something unique to cross off your bucket list? Maybe cow cuddling is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Resting against the warm body of a cow and cuddling the animal is an unforgettable experience that’s sure to relax you through and through. 

Together with farmer Eddy or his wife Anne-Marie, you can attain the peace and warmth of a lovely cow. Our cows Bleske, Lucie, Willy, Marieke and Bertina love being cuddled and are waiting for you.

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Cow cuddling is educational

A fun and informative activity for children and also for adults. Suitable for any type of group. We will tell you everything you don’t know about our sweet, large animals.

Cow cuddling is relaxing

Slow down and relax between the cows on the farm. Feel the serenity and the warmth of a cow and forget about all your day-to-day worries.

Cow cuddling is ‘gezellig’

Experience a memorable activity with your family, colleagues or children. Huddle together against the warm body of a cow and experience its extraordinary presence.

Cow Cuddling on the Den Branderhorst Farm...

"How did you come up with it, you might think? Well, I thought exactly the same thing. But I completely gave myself over to the ideas of the farmer’s wife. The bodies of cows are one degree warmer than human bodies and their breathing is much slower, so resting against one is very relaxing, or so she told me.

We hoisted ourselves in the farmer’s garb and followed the farmer’s wife into the pasture, in search of one of the cows that are usually in for a cuddle. After quite some metres and even more cowpats later, there was a group of cows chilling in the pasture. We crept towards the cuddle cow to stroke it a bit. Not too softly, because otherwise it might think you’re a fly and try to flick you away with its tail apparently.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just go all in with it, I thought, so I wrapped my arms around the huge body and gave it the biggest hug I could give. And before I knew it, my family and I were all chilling against the cow. I can’t say anything but that it was a brilliant experience and I’d never thought that it would be so nice."

By: PAULINE (blog on

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What Are We Going to Do During the Cow Cuddling Workshop?

Warm Welcome

After following a small winding path, you reach our farm and immediately feel part of the farm life. Our farm is surrounded by trees and shrubbery in an oasis of green. It seems as if we’re in a different world where time doesn’t really pass, even though we’re not even a 2 hour ride away from the bustling capital.

Farmer for a While

At the start of the workshop you’ll receive our typical farmer’s clothing, overalls and boots with a red kerchief, as seen in the pictures. We have all sizes in stock.

Slowing Down

We’ll show you what a cow likes and how you should approach it. Then, when touching the cow, you’ll feel the warmth and become completely relaxed. Eventually you’ll find yourself blissfully resting against the warm body.


We’ll finish the workshop with a nice cup of coffee or tea with a regional delicacy in our comfortable barn or outside on our beautiful terrace.

After this workshop you’ll have gained a wonderful and unique experience!

What Did Others Say About the Workshop?...


What a unique experience!
The cows were very lovely and warm.
We received an extensive tour and all our questions were answered.
Thank you for this!

Robbin en Eva

Enkhuizen - 28-06-2018


This was so much fun! We’ve all enjoyed it a lot.
A getaway that’s different from the usual.

Eddie, thanks for the great time!

Colleagues from Twente
Twente - 08-07-2018


What an amazing little paradise you have here.
Thanks for the incredible hospitality and the relaxed tour.
See you again!

Thijs & Tess
Doetinchem - 30-06-2018

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Cow cuddling: a nice impression!

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We Invite You to a Relaxed Afternoon of Cow Cuddling

Time: 13.00u - 15.30u
Special 'only for 2': €100,-
3, 4 of 5 people: €35,- p.p.
6 or more people: €25- p.p. 

After the cuddling session, we will provide coffee and tea with a regional delicacy.

We will confirm your booking within 24 hours.
Payment will be done on the day of the workshop.
Do you have any questions? Call or app us on 06-123 751 65.

Cow cuddling followed by dinner at restaurant Jansen&Jansen in Hengelo Gelderland?
The total costs of this package are €59,95 pp (including two consumptions at the restaurant).

If you’d like this package, please mention it in your reservation.

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