Cow milking

Cow milking

Cow milking workshop

During this workshop we will show you the ins and outs of farm life. Experience the scent and the sounds of the cows and get involved by milking a cow! You will see where the milk comes from and learn the technique to cow milking. You can also participate in feeding the calves. Needless to say, we won’t let you go home before you’ve tasted a glass of fresh milk!

Koeien melken Achterhoek

Quite an Adventure!

An activity that’s both fun and educational. In spring and summer you’ll help bringing the cows from the pasture to the milking parlour on foot. In autumn and winter, the workshop will take place inside the warm parlour.

Authentic Farm

You will reach our farm after following a small winding way. The farm is hidden from the rest of the world by greenery, close to the cosy town Hengelo in the Achterhoek region, which is not even a 2 hour ride away from our capital.


This workshop is suited for all ages and any groups. It could be for a birthday party, a company trip or a family outing. We will adapt the set-up and the contents of the workshop to the nature of the group.

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Cows Finally Getting Outside Again on the Den Branderhorst Farm

What are we going to do during the cow milking workshop?

Bringing the cows

In this workshop we first bring the cows from the pasture to the milking parlour. Our parlour has a herringbone layout and we usually milk eight cows at once. At that time, the farmer will explain what he or she’s doing.


The farmer introduces the cows to you and tells you about everything that’s involved in producing healthy and nutritious milk, milk which could be used to make much more than just cheese and yoghurt!



Before we start milking, we first cleanse the udders with water and dry them with paper towels. When that’s finished, we will connect the teats to the milking machine. You can try doing all this yourself as well!


You can see the milk streaming into the milk glass, and see how much milk one cow provides. Then the milk is brought to a cooling tank, where the milk will be cooled to 3.5 degrees Celsius. The dairy company Friesland Foods collects this milk once every three days.

What Did Others Say About the Workshop?


What a unique experience!
The cows were very lovely and warm.
We received an extensive tour and all our questions were answered.
Thank you for this!

Robbin en Eva

Enkhuizen - 28-06-2018


What an amazing little paradise you have here.
Thanks for the incredible hospitality, the great experience of milking the cows and the relaxed tour.
See you again!

Thijs, Tess en kids
Doetinchem - 30-06-2018

Tegen de koeien aan zitten
Koeien knuffelen Achterhoek - boerderij den Branderhorst
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Have You Always Wanted to Try Milking a Cow?

The Den Branderhorst farm invites you to this typical Dutch experience! Because milking cows is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime...

Time: 17.30u - 19.30u
Costs: €25,- p.p. (In case of 6 people or more €19,95 p.p.)

If your group is larger than 10, contact us for a special tariff.

Including coffee or tea woth a regional delicacy. 
And, of course, a glass of fresh milk.

- We will confirm your booking within 24 hours.

- Payment will be done on the day of the workshop.
- Do you have any questions? Call or app us on 06-123 751 65.

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