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Experience Farm Life at Den Branderhorst

The Den Branderhorst farm is a beautiful old farm surrounded by nature. We have been milking cows here for as long as 150 years. Time seems to be standing still on our farm, and stepping into it is like stepping into a completely different world.

At our farm you can stay the night in one of our luxurious safari tents, but you can also experience milking cows, cuddling with chickens, rabbits or cows, or host a birthday party, have a business meeting, build a campfire, make local dishes… and so on!

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What did others say about their time at the Den Branderhorst farm?...


What a unique experience!
The cows were very lovely and warm.
We received an extensive tour and all our questions were answered.
Thank you for this!

Robbin en Eva

Enkhuizen - 28-06-2018


This was so much fun! We’ve all enjoyed it a lot.
A getaway that’s different from the usual.

Eddie, thanks for the great time!

Collega's uut Twente
Twente - 08-07-2018


What an amazing little paradise you have here.
Thanks for the incredible hospitality and the relaxed tour.
See you again!

Thijs & Tess
Doetinchem - 30-06-2018


History of the Den Branderhorst Farm...

The name “Branderhorst” consists of the Dutch words ‘Brander’, which means ‘burning’, and ‘Horst’, which used to refer to a farm. This name stems from older times, when the so-called wild areas were first cultivated by burning down portions of forest, creating farmland.

Ever since 1860, the residential family of the farm has been the Pelgrum family, currently the fifth generation. Traditionally, the first names of the male family members alternate between ‘Frederik’ and ‘Peter Hermanus’ each generation. The current resident is Frederik Pelgrum with his wife Annemarie and their four daughters.
Den Branderhorst is a beautiful traditional farm surrounded by nature. The farm has long been in use as a mixed company, functioning as a small-scale dairy farm among others, and it hasn’t changed much over the years.

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Experience a Delightful Holiday or a Farm Activity at the Picturesque Farm?

Step out of your everyday life on the farm. Can we help you organise a fitting outing or holiday for your group?
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